Alexander Kübler

Construction and Coordination

Developing new ideas and organizing projects as part of a team motivates me a lot.

Betim Djambazi

Sponsoring and Prototyping

Seeing the great things, which emerged from the previous projects has always fascinated me.

Michael Lustenberger

Electronics and Control

My goal is to bring hardware and software together and let them master extraordinary tasks.

Oda Vigen

Construction and Design

I am impatient to see how far we can get with only two years at ETH.

Pascal Auf der Maur

Communications and Software Development

I enjoy coding and finding elegant solutions to difficult problems.

Patricia Hörmann

Design, Control and Coordination

Solving problems in a creative way while sticking to a tight schedule is my thing.

Samuel Sigrist

Finances and Prototyping

I love building and testing parts that will ultimately all work together as a whole.

Yves Haberthür

Prototyping and Electronics

I love to see a project being successfully developed, built and tested.

Projects and Theses

Shivam Kumar Panda

Modelling and Control

I am exploring some exciting ideas to control and having pleasure in learning great stuffs from awesome people

Felix Schätzle


I enjoy approaching the different challenges of a project together in a team and learn new skills at the same time.

Dennis den Elzen


Building a system to solve a problem through creativity inspires me.


Soraya Daabak


Being able to work on a project as part of a team and optimise designs brings me joy.