Our Motivation

Every year earthquakes plague vast regions on our planet. They are responsible for lots of tragedies and bury lots of people alive. Without first-aid the chance of survival is usually very slim.

Our Vision

We want to develop a robot to support emergency responders locate victims under rubble and collapsed buildings. For our robot to be able to fit through small holes and reach far into buildings we use an innovative method of motion which lets our robot grow towards his destination.

Our Technology

To minimize friction we use an everting tube as our main propulsion system. This is inspired by the Vine Robots project of Stanford university.

Our Goals


We want our robot to be able to reach up to 15 m into a collapsed building.


The robot should have a maximum diameter of 10 cm which allows us to fit through small crevices.


Through our unique way of movement we minimize friction to reach further into holes.


With our sensor suite we support the operator in finding victims and enable communication between them.